Take your business to a new level of performance.

We specialize in Coaching, ICM (Incentive Compensation Management), and SPM (Sales Performance Management) solutions. Serving the Pharmaceutical/ Biotech, Animal Health and Financial Services Industries, all CSL solutions come Cloud ready, offering hosting solutions for every need, and are available for Desktop, Tablet, Smart phone and iPad®.

Many of the biggest names in Pharma and Banking are using our solutions to help grow their businesses and assist with their customer acquisition and retention goals.



It’s a competitive world: How will you differentiate your organization? It stands or falls on the effectiveness and quality of your customer facing people: More and more companies are investing wisely in improving their skills and seeing the dividends.

CSL’s eCoach is the market leader in electronic coaching and quality assurance, Why? Because of these simple facts.

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Incentive Compensation Management

Incentive compensation is difficult for most companies to do right: The combination of complex rules, immovable deadlines and detail exceptions make this a high pressure environment.

CSL’s class-leading Incentives Manager Plus suite solves these problems in a very elegant and efficient way.

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Sales Performance Management

What gets measured gets done, the old adage says. That is still as true today as it ever was. CSL’s SPM solution, KPI Dashboard, enables seamless analytics based on performance metrics: sales, CRM,ICM, CLM, quality.

Sales people are busy people, and need both motivation and de-skilling of analytics to fit effective business planning into their schedules. KPI Dashboard succeeds in doing just that:

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